"I'm going to do what ever I can to stop this abomination! This song I co-wrote is the beginning of my fight against Human Traffic.....if we see the victims as our children...our sisters and brothers....we won't be able to close our eyes to this horrendous crime....PLEASE...do what ever you can do to help those that cannot help themselves.....it could happen to one of ours!" - Zorina London


Zorina London's Testimony

Restoration written and directed by Zorina London

Dear GOD

Dear GOD Lead me and use me; Other than being a vessel you can use FATHER nothing else is worth anything. I know I have to do my part Praying, keeping my eyes on you, I must have faith, and hold on to my Faith! There has to be Fasting, waiting, Living Righteous (at least trying my very best) and Believing in YOU! I know I fail you every day FATHER, please look beyond my faults and see my needs, my heart, and my intensions.

Sometimes LORD it seems like I don’t belong anywhere; I realize that my emotions are in control when that happens. Create in me LORD a heart that will be blessed and will bless others. Give me wisdom FATHER GOD I can’t seem to hold on to wisdom very long, and discernment as well. These are important tools LORD; I need them to be a part of me always, forever other wise I’m unfit for you to use.

When I’m lonely be my friend, when I’m sad be my joy, when I’m hurt be my mender and my fixer, when I’m wrong straiten me out and be my righteousness. I need you LORD I need you!!! I need to stay close to you FATHER I need to be addicted to you; I need to be lost with out you so that I will constantly run to you for everything! I’m misunderstood a lot LORD, but you know that don’t you? I don’t know what’s next FATHER but you do! You know all of my desires, hopes, and dreams; are they in your will? Are they of you? Am I on the right track LORD? Am I compromising? Do I let go of what’s in me and do what they want of me here? Do I fight not to be changed?

LORD what about the truths you have shown me like the true Sabbath, Easter, Christmas and the Christmas tree. What about the Rapture, you showed me the lie! What do I do here? Do I speak out, or keep quite, will you direct me and tell me what to do?


FATHER I surrender myself to you my hands, my feet, my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, my family, my talents, my gifts, my friends, my enemies, my ideas, my dreams, my hopes, my plans, career, my love, the knowledge you have given me, and my life!

Please except me by your grace and not on my own merit for I am unworthy, but through YOUR SON CHRIST JESUS I AM THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS FATHER. I PRAISE you FATHER GOD for this Miracle!!!!!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! HALLELUJAH!!!! PRAISE YEE THE LORD!!!!!


親愛的上帝,請帶領我、並且善用我;天父啊!除了做為一個讓您使用的器皿之外,沒有其他更有意義的事情了。我知道我必須做我該做的-祈禱,定睛注目 祢,有更大的信心;即使必須經歷禁食、漫長的等候,都要持守公義的生活(至少盡我所能的保持)、都全心的相信祢。天父啊!我知道我幾乎每天都讓祢失望,可是,除了看見我的軟弱外,我懇求您看顧我的需要?鑒察我的心?及我的渴慕?

主啊!有時候,即使我極力控制我的情緒,我還是覺得我似乎不屬於任何地方。主啊!求祢 為我造一顆受祝福與能祝福更多人的心啊!請賜我智慧,我覺得我無法常有智慧及分辨的恩賜。主啊!這些都是我們重要屬靈工具,我需要它們永遠成為我的一部分。否則,我無法成為您可用的器皿。

主啊!請做我孤獨時的朋友,悲傷時的喜樂;受傷害時的修復者,將我從錯誤中拯救出來,成為我的公義。主啊!我需要 祢、我需要 祢。天父啊!我需要貼近祢。我需要完全沉浸於祢。沒有祢,我必然會迷失,凡是都會跟隨 祢。主啊!我受到了無數的誤解,可是祢都明白,不是嗎?天父啊!我不知道接下來會是什麼,可是祢很清楚,祢清楚我所有的需求、希望與夢想,這些都出於 祢的旨意嗎?都是祢的一部分嗎?主啊!我是否在正確的軌道上?是否做出了妥協?我是否喪失了自主的意志而只是在做別人要我做的事情?我是否抗拒改變?……..



天父啊!我完全降服於 祢:我的雙手、雙腳、雙眼、雙耳、我的口、我的心、我的家、我的才能、天賦、我的朋友、仇敵、我的思考、夢想、希望、我的計畫、事業、我的愛、你所賜與我的一切知識以及…….我的生命!